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Reveal your natural beauty with lavera's natural cosmetics and Keeki nail products.

Lavera provides truly natural cosmetics with proven effectiveness. We use plant based liposomes for measurable repair effects and hyaluronic acid for effective moisturizing of sensitive skin.

Our Trend Cosmetics range has been designed for even the most sensitive and hyper allergenic skin. Discover the beautiful shades and colour in our range of lipsticks, foundations, eye shadows, mascaras and lots more.

Our product range includes: natural and organic, eye care products, foundation, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, powders, eyeliner, lip gloss, concealer, rouge, nail polish, nail polish remover,  lip liner and make up remover,

Our mission has always been to produce genuine natural cosmetics. The standard for this is the most stringent possible. Lavera offer more than 230 products which are produced according to strict guidelines for Certified Natural Skin Care & Cosmetics.

Our commitment to you, is to provide the purest and best performing natural personal care products possible, with the health and safety of you & your family in mind.

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